Retreat and Die

  All the King’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again. 25th June, 2023 The last 24 hours in Russia have seen remarkable events with Prigozhin […]

The Curse of Crypto

Bitcoin mining farm. Photo: Marko Ahtisaari The first transaction involving the use of a crypto currency to buy something physical was on May 22nd, 2010 when 10,000 bitcoins were exchanged for […]

Innovation at War

  On 22nd April, 2021[1] I predicted that Russia would invade Ukraine and so break its UN charter commitments and the promise it made in the Budapest Memorandum of 1994 […]

A Different Age

I have started writing my autobiography.  Not that I intend publishing, rather I am writing things down because, while my parents and grandparents relayed some of their stories to me, it was by no means a thorough review. I’d like my family to know more about the world I grew up in and how the […]
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Inciting the Mob

I reacted with both anger and disgust at the recent brutish harassment of the leader of the UK opposition outside parliament following yet another Boris Johnson lie, this time repeating a right wing conspiracy slur in Parliament (that has been debunked many times) about Sir Kier Starmer’s time as Chief Prosecutor when a serial paedophile […]
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