Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

What a year it’s been!  We have seen conflict on a scale not seen since 1945.  The valiant Ukrainian defence against Russia’s stalled invasion, the barbaric Hamas terrorist attack and their continued denial of Israel’s right to exist, the continuing Israeli land grabs and oppression of the Palestinians, the tens of thousands dead in Gaza.  The ramping up of the threat to the planet because of the lack of political will over climate change.  Floods. fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, mass migration as a result.   The threat of a second Trump presidency and its existential impact on US democracy.  There is almost a feeling of end of days about  our world.

Well, another year looms to hopefully improve things and now we have Christmas here once again.

I wish you and yours a Happy Christmas and Peace, good Health, Joy and Prosperity in the year ahead.