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Having published my first novels and having received first reviews – which I’m happy to say have been positive (Yea!!), I figured it was time to look at marketing to expand my presence.

As you can imagine, It’s a very crowded field and making your mark is about as easy as finding a particular cricket on a particularly noisy summer’s evening. But, hey, I’ll give anything a go once. Trouble is, as we all know, marketing is about repetition!

With the COVID-19 lockdown in place, I guess it’s as good a time as any to venture out into this new world as many of us have more time to read but the sooner we have the therapies and a vaccine to defeat this monster, the happier I’m sure we will all be. Losing someone close to you for any reason is hard, having them taken from you before their time in this way is doubly hard.

With Victoria and home-made masks

What these times do show, I think, is the enormous strength and courage of those on the front line who put themselves at risk every day yet carry on unselfishly providing care and compassion. As we come out of this dark tunnel, I think it behoves us all to look again at our priorities and in particular at the chronic underfunding of the health and social care system. It seems almost criminal to be spending billions on weapons that maim and kill yet scrimping on people and infrastructure that care and heal. Keep safe.

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